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Arctic char, fresh, frozen

Wild caught in Canadian Arctic Red flesh, fine flake, skin on, milder than Salmon

Full filet, by lb. per pkg
Argentine Shrimp,, shell on, 11-15 count frozen

Raw, shell on, deveined, wild Argentine

1lb., 13-15 count $15.50
Atlantic cod, fresh, frozen

Wild caught Iceland Best white Atlantic fish -- large flake sets the standard for Fish & chips

by lb. per pkg
Bay Scallops, fresh, frozen, Bay of Fundy
8/pkg by lb. per pkg
Beer Battered Cod, frozen
2/pkg by lb. per pkg
Crusted Cod, frozen Garlic & Herb or Potatoe & Cheese
2/pkg by lb. per pkg
Grouper, frozen

Wild caught, Indian Ocean

Individual filets 6-8 oz. by lb. per pkg
Haddock, wild filets, frozen

Wild caught New Brunswick

by lb. per pkg
Halibut Burgers x West Coast Select
4 x 4oz. pkg $18.95
Halibut, fresh, frozen

Wild caught B.C.

by lb. per pkg
Pickerel, full filet, fresh, frozen

Wild caught in Ontario

by lb. per pkg
Rainbow trout x Ontario Farmed

no antibiotics, natural spring water

by lb. per pkg
Skrei Cod from Norway Seasonal, fresh, frozen
by lb. per pkg
Smoked rainbow trout x Bos, frozen

cold smoked, ready to eat.

1 filet per pkg by lb. 
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ATLANTIC SALMON fresh & frozen

Sustainably farmed, New Brunswick. Whole filets and cuts of various sizes

by lb. per pkg $17.95