Bulk Orders

Poultry, Beef, Pork, and Fish

As prices are increasing and customers want to save costs and still maintain high quality food, I have come up with a list of bulk prices that will save money and deliver the high quality you expect from us.

All of our meat products are drug and hormone free from Mennonite or local farms. Expert and caring animal husbandry is the norm. Low stress equals great taste and tenderness in meat.

For the most part, these items are special order and come in fresh, but some may be on hand frozen.

Some items are new to the bulk regime and some I have moved from other spots in my website.

Priced June 23, 2022; prices may change without notice.

Chicken Bulk Orders

Item Description Pkg Size Price* Comment
Air chilled boneless skinless chicken breasts 10 lb case $99.95 Breasts are 14-16 oz. each
Air chilled chicken supreme breasts 10 lb case $99.95 breasts are appx. 8 oz.
Air chilled boneless skinless chicken thighs 10 lb case $66.66 appx. 1 lb/pkg
Air chilled bone-in chicken thighs 10 lb case $59.95 appx. 2 lb/pkg
Air chilled chicken leg quarters - back attached 10 lb case $44.95 appx. 2lb/pkg

Beef Bulk Orders

Item Description Pkg Size Price* Comment
Angus regular Ground Beef 5 x 1 lb. pkg $35.00 Single source dry aged beef; top quality. Frozen
Angus BRISCHUCK™ ground beef. Combines ground brisket and ground Chuck 5 x 1 lb. pkgs $40.00 The best ground beef for full flavour. Frozen
Angus beef stew meat 10 x 1 lb $95.00 As available; Frozen
Beef Pot roasts (frozen) As available Approx. 3.25 lbs. each Approx. $65.00 Buy two frozen and get 3rd free
Steak special #1:
10 lbs. of assorted frozen steaks, strip loins, rib steaks, sirloin steaks.
10 lbs. $225.00 All top quality steaks -- special order -- about 10 days
Beef braising ribs 10 lb case $25.00 Frozen
Sides are now available. Allow 4 weeks for delivery; prices based on hanging weight and market price. Estimate 475 lbs.
Quarter sides also available
Estimate $5.35/lb.
Pricing subject to change
Est. $2600.00 Cut to your specs, black Angus Beef aged 3 weeks, vac packed

Pork Bulk Orders

Item Description Pkg Size Price* Comment
Sides of pork. Sausage making and smoking extra Approx 100 lbs. $3.50/ lb. plus Sausage and Bacon Cut to your specs, vac packed. With sausage and bacon: estimate $500.00/side
Pork loin (all pork chops) 10 lb case $45.00 Appx. 2/pkg
Ground Pork 5 lb case $22.50 5 x 1 lb package


Regular smoked 10 lbs $89.95 pkgs are 1 lb
Maple 10 lbs $89.95 pkgs are 1 lb

Fish Bulk Orders


Fish prices are very volatile and difficult to give and to hold firm prices.

Most species come in 10 lb. boxes. We would be pleased to quote you a price on 10 lb. boxes. Rule of thumb will be 15% less than retail pkg price.

Delivery every two weeks, some fresh, some frozen.

There's More!

There are many other items we can bulk price for you; ask for a quote! [contact Don]